Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walt Mueller on "The Triple Bind"

From The Triple Bind website:

"In many ways, today is the best time in history to be a girl: Opportunities for a girl's success are as unlimited as her dreams. Yet an alarm is sounding, revealing a disturbing portrait of the stresses affecting girls of all ages. Societal expectations, cultural trends, and conflicting messages are creating what psychologist and researcher Stephen Hinshaw calls 'the triple bind.' Girls are now expected to excel at 'girl skills,' achieve 'boy goals,' and be models of female perfection 100 percent of the time. The triple bind is putting more and more girls at risk for aggression, eating disorders, depression, and even suicide. Dr. Hinshaw's fascinating and groundbreaking book shows concerned parents how to listen, learn, and help girls unlock the shackles of the triple bind."

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, Walt Mueller, talk about The Triple Bind on CPYU's daily 1 minute radio program Youth Culture Today.

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