Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Walt Recommends Books: Four Minutes with Jonathan McKee

CPYU friend Jonathan McKee recently walked through a YS bookstore with Walt Mueller and has a video to prove it. Read Jonathan's blog entry here.

The first book Walt recommends is The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness, coauthored by CPYU's Derek Melleby. The Outrageous book is currently being offered at the CPYU Resource Center at a discounted price of $11, shipping included! Click here for details.

(Interested in ordering 10 or more copies? It does make a nice graduation gift! Call 1-800-807-CPYU for even deeper bulk order discounts!)


john mcclung said...

Great video piece. Thanks for the recommendation, Uncle Walt!

Andy Wolverton said...

Great recommendations! But I didn't catch the title of the last book mentioned in the video...